• Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube
  • Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube

Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube

This product is one of the components of carbon fiber medical machines. It’s stable and light, with wear resistance.
Material: UD
Dimension: 20.8*1.3 cm
Weight: 0.05 kg
Thickness: /
Surface: matte


Product Name:Carbon Carbon Fiber Medical Tube
Material: UD
Dimension(cm): 20.8*1.3
Surface: matte
WeavePlain / Twill
Process TypeHot pressing process
Density1.5 g/cm3
Resin Content33%-42%
Temperature resistance-80ºC-130ºC
Designas Drawing or Sample
Performance Advantages:fatigue resistance,  high safety coefficient

CF and CF composite materials have been widely valued in medical devices and biomaterials because of their excellent performances like excellent mechanical performance, chemical stability, bio-compatibility with human body, poisonless and tasteless, high X-Ray transmittance, low loss.

Foshan Zhihui Junzhang Advanced Composite Technology Co.,Ltd. has rich design experience and innovative ideas in composite materials. Combining different product requirements, we could provide customer an overall solution included integrated product design, research and development, production. Products are widely applied to industrial parts, medical equipment, sectional materials, mechanical light weight parts, sports and other fields. Presently, our products are mainly exported to Europe, North American, Japan, etc. Besides, we dedicate to meet the needs of domestic customer in various field.

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