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Zhihui Junzhnag Advantaged Composite Technology Co., Ltd is a high-technology enterprise, which could provides the integrated design of carbon fiber Composite products for the users at home and abroad, combining the function of developing, producing and sale.
The company owns several patents, mostly in carbon fiber products, and masters advanced manufacturing technology and core technology. Successfully developed a range of products for many domestic and foreign customers, such as carbon fiber industrial robot arm with international advanced level, carbon fiber medical bed board, Vehicle Components, etc.The Products are mainly applied to different fields, including industrial robot and automation equipments, medical treatment, lightweight of automobile and military... At the same time, the company also devotes to meet the needs of domestic users in various fields.

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Professional Guarantee

JZ Carbon partition has been continuously improving, and gradually perfecting its own products.

Quality Assurance

We demand ourselves to the highest standards of the industry.


We provide customers with more than just goods. We are committed to keep our value.

Best Service

We provide customers with more than just goods. We offer best customer service and keep promise.

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