Other chemical products: carbon fiber composite materials

Jul 30, 2019

Carbon fiber composite materials are one of the most promising materials for high temperature materials. Carbon carbon composite material is carbon fiber and its fabric reinforced carbon matrix composites. With low density, high strength, high specific modulus, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of expansion, good friction performance, good thermal shock resistance, high dimensional stability, it is a small number of alternative materials, the highest theoretical temperature of 2600. Carbon carbon composite materials due to their unique properties, has been widely used in aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, photovoltaic and semiconductor fields, such as rocket engine nozzle and throat lining, automotive brake lining, artificial bone and semiconductor ingot furnace.

China's annual carbon fiber demand is about 13700 tons, China's main carbon fiber is applied in the field of sports leisure. 2008 -2014, the global carbon fiber market demand from 36000 tons to 54000 tons, is expected in 2015 will continue to increase to 59000 tons, in 2020 will increase to 89000 tons. Deadline by the end of 2014, China's carbon fiber design with a total capacity of 1.96 million tons, 40 manufacturers, including manufacturers of more than 1000 tons of production scale 4, 500 tons of production scale of enterprises 5. In 2014, the total demand of carbon fiber in China was about 13700 tons, of which about 60% of the field of sports leisure, about 15% of the construction area, about 25% of the other areas.

Carbon fiber technology in developed countries is mainly used in the industry and aviation and other high-end areas, China's carbon fiber technology is still to be developed. As the core technology of carbon fiber is mainly in the hands of western developed countries, the development of carbon fiber technology in China is generally low. The world's carbon fiber products 67% are used in the industry, and 17% is applied in aviation, and only 16% is used in sports field. And the application of carbon fiber in sports leisure reached 60%, it shows that the level of carbon fiber products in China is low, and can only be used in the sports field, which is mainly used in the field of high performance requirements.

fiber in china. As the western developed countries to China's blockade of high-end carbon fiber technology output, our country can only through the continuous development of carbon fiber materials, in the use of process to find problems, so as to promote the improvement of carbon fiber technology. Carbon carbon composite material production process has a high demand on the performance of carbon fiber, and the gradual use of domestic carbon fiber raw materials to replace imported carbon fiber products, the process of the existence of carbon fiber gradually exposed, thus the domestic carbon fiber manufacturers can be targeted to its production process.

Carbon carbon composites in China have military aviation began to expand the field of industrial application. Bo Yun new materials, Jin Bo science and technology as the representative of the carbon carbon composite leading has successful bear the China's large aircraft C919 of brake pair production. The application space of carbon carbon composites in the industrial field has gradually developed along with its excellent performance and cost advantage. Photovoltaic and semiconductor industries and industrial heat treatment industry is expected to become a breakthrough in the large-scale application of carbon carbon composite materials.

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